Have you let us know your preferred language?


Language is very important to providing optimal patient care

Working with language interpreters and translators can reduce communication barriers between practitioner and patient. It has been shown to improve safety with respect to diagnosis and prescription.

Did you know - in our practice we have over 50 different languages spoken by our patients, sadly 10% of our patients have not let us know what their preferred language is.


It is standard practice to offer you a translator, there is no need to rely on friends and family as our professional interpreters will:

  • Ensure accuracy and impartiality of interpreting.
  • Minimise misinterpretation of important clinical information.
  • Allow family members and friends to attend appointments and support the patient (emotionally and with decision-making) without the added pressure of needing to interpret.

Please let us know your preferred language when you first register or when you visit us

Published: May 31, 2024