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We offer the following clinics for both registered and non-registered patients

Registered patients should make an appointment with their GP first, non-registered patients should complete a services booking form


A vasectomy operation is generally irreversible and therefore should not be undertaken lightly, but only after careful consideration and discussion with your partner.

What happens during a vasectomy?

Vasectomy is a relatively simple operation with few complications and a very high success rate. It is usually performed as a minor operation and the actual procedure should take about 30 minutes.

The skin of the groin and scrotum is first cleaned with a sterilising solution. An injection of local anaesthetic is made into both sides of the scrotum so that the operation is not too uncomfortable.

The operation is carried out while you are awake and involves a small opening in both sides of the scrotum. The tube known as the vas deferens that carries sperm from the testicle to the penis is cut, a section is removed and both ends are sealed using cauterisation. The tiny opening may be closed using absorbable sutures.

Please visit YouTube for a video showing how the procedure is done

On the day

You will need to bring with you close fitting/supportive underpants, not boxer shorts.

When you arrive at the clinic:

  • Your details will be checked, any questions you may have answered and a consent form signed.
  • You will be shown to the treatment room.
  • and asked to undress.
  • After the procedure you will be taken back to the clinic room and asked to wait for up to an hour after your operation. You may wish to bring reading matter with you.

When the nursing staff feels you are ready you may go home, you should have arranged for someone to collect you or use a form of transport other than driving yourself.

Before you leave ensure that you have collected the follow up pathology forms for your sperm testing, you will also be given some advice leaflets.

Before you attend

  • Please ensure you have the full name and address of your Doctor.
  • That you have read and understood all the literature you have been sent.
  • That you have carefully shaved your scrotum and pubic area after bathing.
  • Please do not use any talc, deodorant or other products.

Samples after surgery

After your surgery you will be asked to provide a semen sample four months after your operation. We advise for you to do a minimum of 30 ejaculations before your first sample to ensure your system is empty.

This will help ensure you get a clear semen result. This will be discussed in your assessment prior to your surgery.

Minor Surgery

Woodsend Medical Centre is commissioned to offer a Community Skin Clinic (BCC) to patients in Northamptonshire.


In addition to GP consultations the practice offers a range of clinics and healthcare services:

Asthma Clinic

Please contact the surgery for an appointment. Please bring your inhalers and Peak Flow Charts with you.

Diabetic Clinic

Please contact the surgery for an appointment. All diabetics even if on no medication should attend for a check-up at least once a year.

Ear Wax Clinic

Woodsend Medical Centre has been commissioned to offer the patients of Corby an ear wax clinic.

Our Healthcare Assistance team can offer ear syringing. You will be required to have used ear drops for 10 days prior to your appointment. Please call the surgery to book an appointment

Heart Disease Clinic

Invitations are sent for this to check blood pressure, cholesterol, weight and smoking. If you would like to attend, please speak to a receptionist.

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